As a teacher, Danielle loves to share her knowledge and experience with students of all skill levels, including tiny beginners, young aspiring harpists and adult hobbyists. She is Suzuki-trained in Harp Book 1 and plans to pursue training for later books. Danielle also draws from other pedagogical teaching styles, including that of Henriette Renié. Ultimately, Danielle aims to convey to her students that the goal of harp is to play beautifully and effortlessly.

Danielle teaches at her studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan and offers lessons online via Skype. To inquire about availability, please visit the contact page.

“Danielle has taught harp to our daughter for over two years. She is amazingly patient, consistent, and considerate of my daughter’s goals while managing to still challenge her and maintain her interest.” -Julia F.

“Danielle taught my 7-year -old son lessons. She was so talented, patient, and kind during all lessons. My son absolutely loved her. She laid a great foundation for him to build upon.”-Cecelia P.